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  • The   Shapirit   store has been living on the Internet services market since 2013. Over the years, we have built up an extensive base of our beautiful regular customers around the world! And very proud of it!

  • We have acquired not only the possibility of online orders. We exist in real life in the form of a small showroom where you can consider the quality of things, touch and try on the models you like.

  • We have almost unmistakably learned how to determine your size from a distance and send you clothes promptly and in a timely manner; whether it's mail, a messenger, or an “express service."

  • We are always “at hand” if you urgently needed to dress up and the shops nearby were closed, or you didn’t find the things you need in them.

  • In our store you can always collect a “package” of your favorite things and get them FOR EXAMPLE with delivery to your home. You will be able to consider models on yourself in a calm, comfortable atmosphere of “your walls” and try them on with the necessary accessories.

  • In our store, the function is available to take evening dresses FOR RENT !!!

We love, trust and respect you!And we always hope that it is mutual!

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